Technical Assistance

The Land Tenure and Resource Management (LTRM) Office at USAID provides technical support and thought leadership to USAID Missions and other U.S. Government departments and agencies to deepen understanding and address challenges related to land tenure and property rights. Our technical assistance includes the following services:

  • Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Impact Assessments
  • Legal and Policy Review and Negotiation
  • Partner Coordination
  • Geospatial Analytics

The LTRM Office provides assistance through in-country field work, or in a virtual setting, using the latest technology. The LTRM Office engages throughout the life of projects to support field staff. This assistance allows Land Tenure and Property Rights experts to create, modify (as needed), and evaluate programs and policies that target USAID development objectives worldwide. If you are a USAID mission and wish to submit a request for technical assistance or to view a sample scope of work statement, please contact us.

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